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Here at Notable Nannies we are an amazing nanny agency in Newcastle, London and the UK. We understand the importance of finding that perfect nanny match, meeting the needs of both the family and the nanny. We are here to help introduce the right nannies to the right families, using our many years of experience to guide you through the hiring process.

We spend time getting to know you, to ensure we send you the right nanny candidates who will be best suited to your specific requirements. We will:

Discuss your family’s requirements

Search our database of nannies and source new nannies

Send your CVs of the most suitable nannies

Support you through the interview and hiring process

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Personal &
Professional Approach

Finding the perfect
Nanny & Family match

Expert Advice from our trustworthy team

We meet, interview and screen our nannies in person, so you can be sure we know the individuals we send to you. Our highly qualified and experienced nannies will hold an up-to-date 12-hour Paediatric First Aid certificate and an Enhanced DBS check on the Update Service. The majority of our applicants will have formal childcare qualifications, and/or at least three years of professional experience in the industry, as well as excellent references – all checked in house by our team.

We understand that the nanny search and hiring process
can seem overwhelming, which is why we’ll be with you
every step of the way.

Register As A Family

Please fill out our quick and easy registration form from below to register with us.
We will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements in more detail and to begin searching for your perfect candidate.

    We will store the personal data captured with this form in order to contact you regarding your specific enquiry. Please tick this box to show that you understand that we will keep your data for this purpose.

    Further Information

    We take great pride in the excellent matches we make between our families and our nannies. Our nanny search process typically works as follows:

    DISCUSS your family’s requirements – we spend time getting to know you, to ensure we send you the right nannies who will be best suited to your family.
    SEARCH our database of nannies and find new nannies
    SEND you CVs of the most suitable nannies
    SUPPORT you through the interview and hiring process

    As an agency, we register highly qualified and experienced nannies with excellent interpersonal skills and references. Our nannies will hold an up-to-date 12-hour Paediatric First Aid certificate and an Enhanced DBS check on the Update Service. There is no one-size-fits-all approach – our service is bespoke and tailored to you and your family.

    A nanny’s role is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children, with age-appropriate activities and opportunities to enable them to flourish emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. A nanny will also undertake general nursery duties such as tidying children’s rooms and play areas, managing the children’s laundry and preparing healthy, home-cooked children’s meals.

    A Nanny/Housekeeper would, in addition to all of the above, typically carry out housekeeping duties such as cleaning, family shopping, running errands, overseeing contractors in the household, changing bed linen, family washing and ironing, family cooking.

    Ultimately, no one family is the same and we understand that all families will have different requirements. We tailor our nanny search to you and your family and find you candidates who perfectly match your needs.

    Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


    A daily nanny is a childcare professional who will come to your home to take care of your children, usually while you are not at home (sole charge), although some parents will work from home. A daily nanny will normally work weekdays for up to 10 hours a day. Any additional babysitting can be arranged at an additional cost.


    A live-in nanny will usually work weekdays but for slightly longer hours (11-12) than those of a daily nanny. A live-in nanny contract may include one or two nights of babysitting a week and if additional babysitting or weekend work is required, this can be agreed for an additional fee or days off in lieu. Families provide live-in nannies with their own bedroom, use of either a private bathroom or one shared with the children, and food.


    In a nanny share arrangement, the nanny is employed by two families and provides childcare to both. This may involve the nanny looking after children from both families at the same time. This type of nanny share can be a good way of keeping childcare costs down. Although a nanny is paid more for a nanny share, the costs to the families are still lower as the nanny’s salary is shared between the two families.

    Another type of nanny share is when the nanny looks after the children from one family for certain weekdays and the other family’s children on the remaining weekdays. This option can be useful if you only require childcare for part of the week. A third option would be if families shared a nanny who had sole care of each set of children for part of the week and overlap childcare on other days of the week.


    You may need a nanny for a short period of time because your nanny is unavailable, or you are waiting for a nursery place to become available. Whatever the reason, we can help you find the right nanny for your needs. Our temporary positions run for up to six months and nannies are paid by the hour.


    A Mother’s Help works alongside the parent(s) providing care for the children plus completing nursery duties, light housework (e.g. loading and unloading the washing machine) and helping with the family cooking. Mother’s Helps are not usually left in sole charge of the children as they do not have the same qualifications or level of experience as a nanny.

    Here at Notable Nannies we only register the very best nannies and household staff. We require all applicants to provide us with a minimum of 3 professional references – which we verify ourselves. We also require applicants to have a current Enhanced DBS Check on the Update Service, as well as a 12-hour Paediatric First Aid certificate – as recommended by Ofsted. The majority of our nannies will have at least 3 years’ professional childcare experience. We also register junior nannies, who may have slightly less experience, on the merits of their application, strength at interview, and their references. We interview our nannies thoroughly and in person.

    Our nannies will all hold a current Enhanced DBS Check on the Update Service, or be in the process of completing this.

    All of our nannies will have a full 12-hour Paediatric First Aid certificate, thus meeting the requirements for Ofsted registration. 12-hour Paediatric First Aid certificates are valid for 3 years and it is the Nanny’s responsibility to keep these current.

    The Tax-Free Childcare scheme is a Government scheme (launched in 2017) to help working parents/carers with childcare costs. If eligible, you will be able to open an online account for each of your children, in to which for every £8 you pay towards childcare the Government will automatically pay in an extra £2. You can receive up to £2000 per annum towards the cost of childcare for each child.

    You can check your eligibility on the Childcare Choices website. Your Nanny must be registered with Ofsted (which we can help with) in order for you to use Tax Free Childcare. It is standard practice for the Employer to cover the cost of Ofsted registration (£103 per annum). In order to register with Ofsted, nannies will need the following in place:

    A 12 hour Paediatric First Aid certificate
    Public Liability Insurance
    An Enhanced DBS Check on the Update Service
    A recognised childcare qualification or, the Common Core Skills course

    They will need to sign up to the Government Gateway website and then apply to join the Ofsted register. Ofsted registration can take up to 12 weeks. We support our nannies through this process should you need us to do so.

    All employers are legally required to hold an Employers’ Liability Insurance policy. Insurance provides you with protection for any damages and legal costs, bought about as a result of any claims made by an employee working within your household.

    For straightforward, friendly advice and a comprehensive policy we recommend using NannyTax, who offer Employers’ Liability Insurance at £99 per annum, including Insurance Premium Tax.

    *Prior to taking out an insurance policy, please check with your existing household insurer as you may already be covered for domestic staff working in your home.

    Becoming an employer, and complying with the rules and regulations of employing domestic staff, can seem a little overwhelming at first – but it doesn’t have to be. As an employer, you will be required to issue your nanny with payslips through a payroll scheme. You can register as an employer online with HMRC, and manage this process yourself. Otherwise, you can use a payroll company to manage the process for you.

    We strongly recommend using Nannytax – industry specialists in payroll and employment law. They offer a complete service to nannies and families and act as a one-stop shop for payroll, insurance, pensions, a bespoke employment contract, and ongoing HR support.

    For further advice on all things payroll and nanny employment you can contact a member of the NannyTax team directly on 02031 374401,‬ or give us a call on 0203 1500670 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction.

    We provide all our families with a free legally compliant template employment contract as soon as we have placed one of our nannies with you. Having an employment contract in place is a legal requirement, with written particulars covering the following:

    Names of employer and employee
    Employment start date
    Place of work
    Job title
    Details of salary and pay frequency
    Hours and days of work
    Over time and pay
    Holiday and sickness entitlement
    Notice period
    Disciplinary and grievance procedures

    We also recommend NannyTax as our payroll service provider and, as a part of their annual subscription, you’ll receive a free bespoke employment contract tailored to you and your employee, as well as ongoing HR advice should you require it at any time.

    If your nanny is aged between 22 and the State Pension Age and earns above £10,000 per annum they will qualify and will need to be automatically enrolled in to the system. If your nanny is automatically enrolled they can opt-out if they wish to not take part – this must be their own decision. If your nanny does not qualify to be automatically enrolled they still have the right to join a Workplace Pension. You can use NannyTax’s calculator to calculate pension costs for you. Nannytax provides a fully managed workplace pension (Auto Enrolment) service for all of their clients. To discuss pensions and employment please get in touch or call us on 0203 1500 670

    Notable Nannies Ltd proudly displays the ANA logo and follow best practice with our families and nannies. The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) is the only UK not-for-profit trade association for nanny agencies who demonstrate the highest standards of care and professional excellence within the nanny industry. ANA exists with the intention of “Achieving Higher Standards” and raising the standards of professional excellence within the UK nanny industry.

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