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Want to learn some new skills or refresh your current Nanny skills?

Then this is for you!

The nanny training in London and across the UK can be offered as part of a full day attendance workshop in London or as an individual module via Skype.

Nanny Training London - Notable Nannies Ltd

Passionate about professionalism

Nanny Training London - Notable Nannies Ltd

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7 days a week

Nanny Training London - Notable Nannies Ltd

Proud to provide the best personal
service for both nannies

Understanding and working in
a family home environment

Working in a family home is different to working in a nursery or other childcare setting

Professional relationships
and communications within
a family home

Working in a family home is different to working in any other kind of environment.

Health & Safety as a Nanny

You have been given the responsibility of providing sole card of a child or children and it is your responsibility as a nanny to ensure that the children are safe at all times.

Encouraging a healthy diet

In a world of fast food and allergies, this module will guid you to organising tasty menus packed with nutrition to supercharge the Child’s development.

Child Development

There are a lot of assumptions made within the nanny industry, with some not understanding that being a nanny is a chosen professional career choice. standards.

Employment best practice

All children are special, every child is their own individual person, and every child will have their own individual needs to ensure effective learning and meaningful development.

This is quality learning of skills for quality Nannies, hosted by Notable Nannies and
delivering and Ofsted approved professional Nanny Training Course created by NannyLink Training.

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