Nanny for 1 child (SE1) (job available 6-12months)

Location: London

Type: Temporary

Salary: (gross)

Ref: SP3

A new family in Bermondsey area of London (SE1) are looking for a Nanny who can provide some help in their family home. The family are new parents and have one little girl aged 4 months old. They are looking for someone who can be flexible in terms of providing childcare for the little one, some help around the home, and generally providing a supporting pair of hands where needed.

The position is of a part time live out nature, and there are two possible considerations:

Profile 1: A qualified, specialist nanny who has good experience with babies and who can help the family with the challenges to come over the next year (such as weaning etc). This option offers around 15-25 hours a week between Monday and Friday, the days and times of day can be flexible.

Profile 2: A flexible nanny/housekeeper with some experience with babies (qualifications for this role may not be as necessary). This option offers 25-30 hours a week, working 6 hours a day between Monday and Friday, with the expectations being to help the family with general weekly housework around the house alongside helping with childcare.

The salary will be negotiated depending on skills, experience and role agreed.

  • This person must be confident with babies as well as being happy to work in a household where parents are at home.
  • Someone who understands the pressures of a busy family life and is happy to be part of the family dynamics and is willing to work with the parents for continuity
  • Someone who is passionate about childcare, supporting with little ones learning and development.
  • Someone who is able to support and encourage confidence, teaching values, manners and independence and be an excellent role model
  • And naturally someone who has lots of good common sense, flexibility, in addition to excellent communication skills
  • A driver is not required.
The position is available for 6 to 12 months, commencing July 2020, before mum returns to work after maternity leave in October 2020.
  • There are no pets in the household, and there are no known allergies.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential as is the need for mutual respect and transparency.
If you are interested in this family, please email your CV for consideration to and start which option you would prefer.

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