We understand home-schooling can feel like a step out of your comfort zone and something that both adults and children are not used to. However even in an unusual environment it’s important to make schooling fun and keep spirits high to help motivate. In this blog we discuss some top tips for motivating students whilst working from home.

Take one step at a time
For both nanny and child home-schooling can be daunting but it’s important to not feel pressured to step up to school level straight away. If you try to replicate a school environment it can be forced and unnatural which in turn could make the child feel uncomfortable and less motivated. Instead take baby steps ensuring both you and the child is feeling happy with the progression.

 Be vigilant to their emotions
We’re all in a different environment at the moment and routines have had to be changed, ensure that you are wise to the child’s emotions, making sure that in both lesson time and out they are reacting well and are not closing themselves off. Make it a safe place to discuss feelings with no pressure.

Keep it scheduled
Chaos can be one of the main reasons for a change in emotions and motivation for both you and the student. Before a new week make sure to have a schedule set out that is followed and discussed with all parties. That way spirits and motivation will be kept high as everyone has something to work towards.

Stay Social
One of the main downsides to home-schooling is the lack of social interaction. Even though it’s not as straightforward this should still be encouraged with time set aside for video calls with friends and family. This can also give them an opportunity to chat with other classmates about work progress too.

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