Whether you are looking to move into a nanny role or simply refresh your current skills, here at Notable Nannies we can help with our established online Childcare Training in partnership with Project Action London.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of professional courses that cover a range of common core skills for Ofsted registration.

Just some of our course modules include…

Each training session will offer lots of ways to communicate with children, allowing you to build the best connection possible.

Being a nanny is a wonderful role to undertake but your responsibility to the children is important. This module looks at safeguarding following the UK legislation and how it relates to your role as a nanny.

Potty Training
This is a crucial step in a child’s development and in this course, we offer tips and reassurance to give you time to train before nursery.

Developing Child Independence
Helping a child become independent will help them in the outside world. With this module we will provide understanding and guidance on how to help children to become independent ready to attend playgroup, nursery or school.

Helping Children To Read
Reading is a core skill and although technology can be easy to look to, it’s an important life lesson. We offer lots of ways to learn to read with children along with relevant guidance.
If you would like to know more about our online training or how to book your space, please call us on 0203 1500 670 or visit: notablenannies.co.uk

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