Being a successful childcare professional can be based on many factors and finding a role you can truly flourish in can make all the difference. In this blog we discuss just 5 key qualities families look for in a nanny.

A Love For Children

Although it may seem obvious, a true understanding and love for children can bring out the best skills. If you’re in a role you love this will always shine through and creates an enthusiasm which will always be picked up by potential families.


As a nanny you will be working with a family closely so must take time to truly learn their routines and children’s personality. Once achieved it can result in a fantastic relationship that will allow you to grow with the family.


Your working hours will not be 9-5 and that’s what makes it such a unique role. You need to be flexible to fit around the family’s schedules and must be able to adapt to change when needed. Having a flexible quality is something many busy families look for.


Communication is key as a nanny, both with the children and the parents. You need to be able to verbally communicate any needs that the children may have, as well as being able to effectively communicate with the children. Ensuring you are as transparent as possible helps with reliability and allows the family to put their full trust in you.


Being a nanny is a great opportunity to show your creative side when it comes to caring for the children and assisting with their needs. No matter what age you need to be able to think quickly and concisely on how to deal with a certain situation. As well ensuring every child is fully engaged in an activity that has been tailored for them.

Here at Notable Nannies we understand finding the perfect family for your strengths is just as important as finding a suitable nanny for a family. That’s why we make it our priority to match you with the right employer allowing you to flourish in a role you’ll love.

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